Instagram Stories: 5 Ways to Improve Engagement

Instagram has over 1 Billion monthly active users, with half of those users watching Stories daily. Therefore, it is really beneficial for your business to create consistent and engaging content to capture the attention of this broad audience. 

Here are five ways to quickly improve the performance of your Instagram Stories:

#1 Create a Schedule

Post content on a weekly basis. It will be much easier for your followers to watch your stories if they know when you will upload. Create some weekly shows. For example, Mondays can be dedicated to tutorials, Wednesdays for behind the scenes, and Fridays for frequently asked questions.


The key is consistency without being boring. It becomes tiresome when an account uploads 10 stories of meaningless content. On the other hand, it is great when followers can expect awesome content on specific days of the week. Uploading on a weekly schedule will make your followers look forward to your content, and they will be tuning in during those days to watch your stories.

Create some weekly series and watch your stories rack up in views! 🌟

#2 Post How To’s

Focus on quality over quantity. Be on the lookout for content that creates “aha!” moments for your followers. Not only will they get value and appreciate your efforts as a brand, but users will also be more likely to share this content with their family and friends. 

Having a hard time thinking of content that offers value? Well, valuable content can be easily achieved with “How-To” videos. These can take some time to film, but they are definitely worth it because viewers will likely watch them multiple times to replicate the tutorial. 

To get started, think of your products or services, and create videos on how to use them. You could also look up instructions on the internet on how to make anything that relates to your brand. Simply create a video to make a visual representation of what you find on the internet, and share it with your followers. But don’t forget to credit the creator behind it.

Also, make sure you save these tutorial stories as Highlights, so that followers can flock to your profile to watch it. This is important because users will go to your profile multiple times, and they will naturally look at your latest posts as well.


#3 Feature Your Followers

Do an activity where you feature followers that post a picture using your product or service. This will entice followers to purchase your products, and it will be a great opportunity to reward them by featuring them. Everyone likes being reposted by their favorite brand or someone they look up to!

Here’s a simple example of how Halo Top achieves awesome “Fan Love” content:


Other ideas include doing a wall of post-its and adding post-its with the names of followers that purchase your product, or simply shouting out Instagram posts that make clever use of your product or service. 

This will make your followers feel they are part of your brand and they will be more engaged with it.

#4 Create Polls

One of the easiest ways to increase engagement is by facilitating how your followers can get involved. Fortunately, Instagram makes this very easy thanks to Polls. 

Simply click your profile image on the top left of your home feed. Snap a pic or upload your own, and then at the top of the screen, click on the fourth icon from left to right. Click the “Poll” option, and ask away. Questions that involve preference work best for these polls. 

For example, let’s say you own a clothing brand store. You could include these topics and questions:

  1. Feedback for a product/service you offer. Example: Hey Guys! What is your favorite color for our new line of sunglasses? Poll answers: (1) Red, (2) Black
  2. Trending topics. Example:  In your opinion, who was the best-dressed celebrity at the Oscars? Poll answers: (1) Lady Gaga. (2) Gemma Chan
  3. Contest Prizes. Guys, we are doing a giveaway! Which prize would you be more interested in winning? Poll answers: (1) Julieta V- Neck Sweater, (2) Bella Soft Skirt


Have fun with it, the possibilities are endless! This will keep your followers excited and interested, which will definitely boost your brand engagement! 

#5 Create Behind-The-Scenes Content

Create behind-the-scenes of situations happening around you that your followers might be interested in seeing or learning. So if you are making a film, create a video on the process behind it. If you are a busy actor, do a story showing your daily routine. You may find this “boring” or “irrelevant”, but your followers could find it fascinating and most probably will enjoy watching it. 

This type of stories resonates with followers more because they see that there are real people behind the brand and feel connected to them.

Your behind-the-scenes stories can be about anything- from what goes into making your product, to how you like your coffee in the morning. And of course, it would also be great if you could offer some value and give some tips in these stories!


Follow these fun instructions and you will definitely see an increase in views, engagement and brand awareness!

Until next time 😊,

Karla Henriques B.


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