Kreps Social (formerly Miami Social Marketing) is a Social Media and Marketing company focused on helping organizations create authentic connections through relevant content and dialogue to engage a targeted audience through social media.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has become an integral component of a well-rounded marketing strategy.  Reaching a targeted audience through social media is now a must for all organizations and they must learn how to leverage social media tools to create and expand a following to engage new clients and supporters.

Social media’s best practices are evolving, but there are constants that should be taken into account to reach your desired audience— authenticity, propagation of relevant and useful content, engagement in conversations, and responsiveness. As social media consultants, our role is to dedicate the necessary hours each week to cultivate an engaged audience of targeted followers by expanding an organization’s online presence, reach to consumers, and ultimately, in effect, giving them a platform to grow a client base and increase profits.

As former Public Relations professionals, we work exceedingly well with marketing teams to fit social media into a well-rounded marketing strategy, and to make sure messages reach a wider audience through online channels.  We also have several alliances with several top Public Relations firms to integrate social media with media efforts to get maximum traction of press exposure.