4 Tips On How To Up Your Social Media Game

People all around the world spend their day scrolling through different social media feeds. The question is, how do you get those people to like, retweet, reblog your posts?

Below you'll find some tips on how to up your social media game and maybe get as many likes as Rihanna. (ok, probably not as many as Rihanna, but we'll try anyways. #goals)


  1. Blue

Yes, blue. A study that included over 30 million images on social media sites concluded that those images with blue as their dominant color performed 32% better than those with reds and oranges. The same study revealed that bright images performed 24% better than dark ones.


  1. Post O’clock

It’s important to know when the social media platform you’re posting on is most active in order for your post to reach the most people. You wouldn’t post something at 3am because most likely 95% of your followers would be asleep.

Here are some optimum post times:

Facebook 1-4pm

Instagram 5-6pm

Twitter 1-3pm

Pinterest 8-11pm

Tumblr 7-10pm


  1. Quality over quantity (always)

No-one wants to follow someone who posts 10 times, or more, a day. That being said, it’s better to share one great post a day. It’ll go over better with your followers and help you build a better audience that isn't annoyed with your oversharing. Speaking of followers- don’t buy them. If someone goes on to your Instagram profile and sees that you have 30k followers but your posts only get an average of 200 likes, they’re going to know you’re a fake.


  1. Know what each platform is for

Here’s a simple breakdown that I learned from one of my college professors. (Shout out Dr. Lancaster)


Facebook: I like Cupcakes.

Instagram: Here’s a picture of my cupcake.

Twitter: Here’s an article about #cupcakes.

YouTube: Watch this video of how cupcakes are made.

Snapchat: This cupcake will self-destruct after you view it.

Pinterest: Here’s a cupcake recipe.


You might not become as popular as Rihanna on social media, but at least with these tips you’ll be one step closer.