Facebook Live is Taking Over The Social Media World


Not too long ago Facebook released a new feature called ‘Facebook Live’, where users are able to share real time content with their friends and family. But brands didn’t fall behind! Many businesses are now using this feature to their advantage by incorporating Facebook Live videos into their current social media strategy.

From real time political press conferences, to awards ceremonies, to music concerts, and even animals at the Zoo, ‘Facebook Live’ is taking over. Here’s how brands are using this feature to their advantage:

1. The Media - When was the last time you turned on the TV to watch a political press conference? Media channels such as The New York Times or CNN News are currently using ‘Facebook Live’ to broadcast their daily media coverage throughout the day.

2. The Academy Awards - Even though the actual Oscars Awards Ceremony wasn’t broadcast live on social media, The Academy used the ‘Facebook Live’ feature to report in between commercials. Two reporters backstage would comment on the current happenings during the Oscars Ceremony. Also, they made sure to engage with the audience by allowing them to participate by asking them questions live. The audience was engaged by writing their answers in the comment section of the video.

3. April, The Giraffe, giving birth at Zoo in New York - The New York Zoo announced via social media that April, the giraffe, was about to give birth. The news went viral on other social media channels so the zoo decided to put a camera overlooking the giraffes’ stable. This broadcast is live 24/7 until April, the giraffe, gives birth! Many are following the news and like to keep updated on the giraffes pregnancy status. The zoo will announce when April goes into labor so everyone can tune in and watch live!

4. NASA - Last week, NASA announced the discovery of a new solar system and multiple planets. The news were broadcasted on all media outlets, whether traditional or digital. That being said, the audience could choose Facebook as their primary source of news thanks to Facebook Live.



Thanks to this feature, Facebook users can now access to real-time content and media. The need for traditional media (such as television and radio) is no longer needed for those who have access to internet connection and a Facebook account.


The fact is that Facebook, a social media channel originally intended for social purposes, has developed into a more complex use. In my opinion, this feature may be a threat for the traditional media.  For now, the traditional media remains relevant, but could this new feature terminate the use and need of traditional media in the years to come?


Social Media keeps upping its game by surprising us with new features that can completely evolve the way we use social media today. Social media dependence will dramatically increase as time passes.

Ten years ago, when Facebook just gained momentum, we never thought we will be able to watch a political press conference live via this platform. That being said, Social Media Marketers will need to keep up with the latest trends in order to create compelling social media campaigns.

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