Buzz Marketing: How To Create a Successful Campaign

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people trust in the recommendations given by others? Especially if this recommendation comes from a trusted friend or a family member.

According to the Global Online Consumer Survey by Nielsen, people pay more attention to what others are saying about the brand than the original brand’s message. A buzz marketing campaign that generate significant word-of-mouth is the most credible form of advertising.
Our goal is to incentivize the audience to talk about the brand. First, evaluate the brand’s audience in their social media profiles. Once you learn more about the audience, create the right content for the brand’s audience.

Here’s everything you need to know to successfully create a buzz marketing campaign for your brand: 

Step 1 – Teach your audience about brand’s product or service offered. 

Identify the brand’s target audience. Study the behavior and interest of this community in order to create the right message.
Create original content that’s appealing to the brand’s community of interest. Make sure you give the audience a motive to share this information with others. The message should sound natural. Avoid language that may cause our audience to believe it advertising. Our objective is to create a message that’s simple and straight to the point.

Step 2- Segment the audience into groups or categories. Make sure to identify and select the most engaged users. 
A product with a fully engaged audience is more likely to make the brand’s messages viral on the web. Also, these users are more prone to recommend the product than users with low engagement.

Step 3 – Provide the right tools for our audience to share the information easily.

A good social media strategy and having a well-designed website are key for the campaign to work. If the audience develops an interest about the brand, make sure you provide the right tools the user need to discover the brand.
Step 4 – Monitor and study the “How, Where and When” the information is being shared. 

– What exactly are they doing to generate the buzz? Study their behavior.

– Find out if our customers are solely using social media or other online communities on the web.

– At what times or day of the week our users are engaging with the brand’s content?

Step 5 – Listen and monitor the campaign at all times – Learn how the audience reacts to the message sent. The audience’s response towards the brand is as important as the message. Keep it real by establishing a conversation.
Each step plays a significant role in the campaign’s final outcome. It’s execution will not only determine if the objectives were met, but we will be able to measure the buzz. Getting people to talk about the brand it’s the first step to the brand’s success.

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