5 Easy Ways To Take Better Pictures

As the visual learners that we are, we can communicate solely by pictures. A good picture can improve the way you showcase your work and can give you a better engagement.


Here are some easy ways you can improve your photography skills today:

1. Know Your Lighting

The best light is natural light. Take lovely photos from the comfort of your window and start shooting around sunset. This is what it’s called the golden hour. 

2. Use a Reflector

Sometimes you’ll need a little help when shooting. A light reflector can help you bring more light to your photo. You can DIY a reflector using foil paper and a cardboard board.

3. Use Backgrounds and Props

Play around with the objects that you already own and different backgrounds. A popular one is marble or wood, but a simply white background will do wonders. Choose your object of focus and get creative!

4. Color Palette and Theme

It will help your photos to look neat and modern. It’ll add flow to your posts and ease to the eye.

5. The Rule of Thirds

Use the grid on your phone or camera to guide you. Try not to take “vacation” photos, these tend to get boring really fast. It’s best if you place your subject at the intersection of two lines. This will create a more interesting photo. Play also with the angles to give your pictures depth.

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