Miami Social Marketing, a Social Media Expert With a Great Twitter Feed! Via Epic Presence

Miami Social Marketing made the list as one of the top 50 social media experts with great feeds on Twitter. Thank you, Epic Presence! 

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"A few years ago, it seemed like every tenth person was a “social media manager.” All you needed was a Twitter account, a Facebook login, and the ability to convince companies you could run their social media accounts.

Now, the quality of those campaigns was probably a little … questionable … but fortunately those days are behind us. Time, expertise and a changing social media landscape have allowed the best social media marketers to thrive.

Here are 50 of the best agencies, freelancers and social media managers out there.

Some are niche, and others are wide-ranging in scope, but they all have in common a proven track record, good clients, and the ability to get your message across." - Epic Presence


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